As a community, Renens is a hive of activity, and the thriving business center of Lausanne. It is home to businesses of all sorts, from major corporations to small and medium-sized enterprises. As a provider of goods or services, in Renens you will find partners, suppliers, logistics firms, garages, business centers and restaurants that will make running a business as simple as possible. It’s a place for working, negotiating, networking and living. You won’t find a more appropriate location for your business than here, at the heart of business life.

Run your business from this sunny shore, in a community that will welcome you with open arms. Renens is not just a business center, but also the most attractive community in the Lausanne urban area. With a population of 20,000 it offers a well-developed infrastructure: kindergartens and schools for all ages, shopping centers as well as small specialist shops, restaurants that will delight you with both regional specialties and international cuisine, cafés, bistros and snack bars for leisure or just a quick meeting. And there are sport associations, public sports centers and areas for both physical and mental relaxation, as well as interesting cultural programs in Renens and Lausanne. The communal authorities are well aware of the importance of your contribution to the economy, and offer a warm welcome to businesses.

Further, the sunny environment that Renens enjoys is another plus factor in the successful development of your business